Goethe said, “Music is liquid architecture; architecture is frozen music”.

Putting his theory to the test, we chose some parameters from a 30 second clip of Astronomia, a song by Vicetone & Tony Igy, to drive the formation of a cave-like structure. We then studied the space at human scale in Virtual Reality to see if the architecture had the same effect on us as the music.

Frequency visualizer by EDM Youtube Channel, Proximity

In this study, we combined two common audio visualization methods to create the three-dimensional form. When seen in plan view, it reacts like a frequency visualizer popularized by electronic music channels on Youtube. In orthographic view, it reacts like a typical waveform visualizer you would see on Soundcloud.

Waveform of Astronomia as seen on Soundcloud

The experience of the resultant space was surreal. Standing at the top of the structure in VR incited the same adrenaline as if we were on the edge of a cliff, giving the concept of buildup and drop to elicit emotion in electronic music, much more substance.