2018 Immersive Architecture Conference @ Venice, Italy.

IDA Technology is proud to once again be at Immersive Architecture Conference.

Maybe we should share a little more about Immersive Architecture Conference; a gathering and meeting place of individuals vested in extended reality (virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality). A true melting pot of industries and interests, our connection in this immersive technology continues to bring us together. We come together, each with our foot in this realm of technology, sharing and improving together as a whole.

At this conference, we see friends from gaming industries, media and story boarding organisations, journalists, even hardcore fans of these technologies whom have ventured on crazy VR projects, not forgetting industry professionals – ourselves representing the architecture industry.

It was and has always been a fun sharing point of our capabilities and how far we have come year on year. Last year when we were there, we were amazed by the energy and ideas of the immersive architecture family (im-arch). From then, you can say that we have rubbed of the enthusiasm and love for VR tech from the im-arch family. So much so that this year, we have developed a unique solution for our company, and am honored to grace the opportunity of sharing our progress of VR in our company.

While being on stage is a mere bonus, we are deeply thankful for joining the im-arch family as well attending this conference. Our business has changed very much and we must say that it is for the better. While having an industry specific VR solution was one of the major topic, Gerard has also taken the opportunity to speak of Singapore’s footprint in VR. As we were the only Asian party at the conference, we wanted to exemplify the fact that Asia is as well a vested party in the XR realm.

Then what could be the reason why were we the only Asian representative?

Could it be accessibility?

Could it be openness of sharing?

Could it be the location of our meeting point?

Which ever the reason is, we want to showcase as well all of Asia’s ventures in VR, as well as get to know like minded tech savvy enthusiasts. Asia is a wholly different realm from the world’s western counterpart. With an entire mix of cultures as diverse and intricate as can be imagined.

While it has been a fun and exciting journey of exploration into VR within the architectural practice, we have experienced our own fair share of cultural resistance.

Do any of you experience this friction first hand?

We are fully charged again from attending our conference in Venice. And for the first time this year, we will have our very first and very own Asia’s edition of Immersive Architecture!

If you noticed, there are plenty of questions asked throughout this short article. This is because we do not want to be the one all and say all for XR technologies. We want to find and get to know you, tech savvy enthusiasts, eager to implement these technologies, excited to value add someway or another.

There is always something to do in this new realm!

Stay tuned for more information on Asia’s Immersive Architecture Conference 2018.

In the mean time, check out some of the pictures that we have uploaded along side Gerard’s presentation on how Singapore has been adopting VR in her various arms.